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Established since 2014
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​​Why choose Pro Kitesurfing?​​​​​​​​​​​

Pro Kitesurfing offers individual or 2-1 tuition world wide in all aspects of kite-powered, wing, foil and paddle activities. From basic board control, power-kite flying through to beginner kiteboarding lessons and kite tricks. Kite-powered land and water sports are easy to learn, yet can provide challenges for even the most ambitious people. Based in Rhyl, North Wales our amazing beachfront training centre is the perfect location to learn kitesurfing. Our flat water lagoons make it easy to stand and progress safely perfect for water starts. Depending upon the wind direction we could be conducting your lessons either at our training centre in Rhyl, Porthmadog (Black Rock sands) Anglesey (Newborough beach) or Westshore (Llandudno) these really are the best kiting locations for learning in North Wales. Pro Kitesurfing is THE place to help you achieve your kitesurfing goals!​

When learning with Pro Kitesurfing, you can be sure that you will be taught to the highest standards and treated with respect during and after your kite surfing lesson. We will also qualify you, to certify your levels of achievement, which are recognized worldwide.​ We only teach kite surfing lessons following the set IKO guidelines and safety techniques. All 'Pro Kite surfing lessons' instructors are fully IKO qualified. ​

Step by step tuition is the key in all of our kite surfing lessons, at your own pace making it a much easier way of learning to kite surf. Each of our lessons are for 3-4 hours long dependent on your stamina and weather conditions. Kitesurfers are reliant on the wind so if there is a change in conditions you will be updated 3-5 days before your lesson booking, so you can enjoy a great day out with us.


We dont do refunds because we have to be flexible due to the weather changes. If we cannot complete your tuition on the day, then we will move your lesson to another day/week or simply add your hours on to the next lesson so you dont miss out :)


All the latest North's kitesurfing equipment is used in our kite surfing lessons, wetsuits are provided and hygienically washed and cleaned after every lesson. 


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IKO Affiliated Instructors


IKO certified Kite surfing Instructors are passionate people trained to share their knowledge and expertise with their students. Learning how to kite and kite surf with an IKO Instructor guarantees safety, satisfaction, and fun in all of our kite surfing lessons! All of our IKO Kiteboarding programs are designed to help you learn in a safe way while your qualified Instructor respects your rhythm and takes you through all the steps so you can reach your kitesurfing goals.


All of our kite surfing lessons are necessary for any beginning or intermediate kiteboarder looking to become a safe independent rider. All kitesurfing lessons will provide you with full explanations, exercises and be able to give you complete lists of kiteboarding terminology. All our kite surfing lessons teaches you: proper kiteboarding practices; techniques while outlining what should and should not be done at every step of the learning process; useful tips on understanding the wind; and how to choose the right kiteboarding location and equipment is the key to your fast kitesurfing success.

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