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Learn how to Efoil at
Pro kitesurfing

Rhyl, North Wales


A feeling that can’t be described but can only be experienced

Pro kitesurfing school follow Lift’s tried and tested operating procedures, to provide a truly exhilarating and fulfilling experience. The sessions last 3 hours, with most of that time spent on the water. If you’ve foiled in any watersport before, you’ll thrive in the freedom that LIFT provides. And if you’re new to foiling, LIFT offers the easiest route to starting your love affair with flying over the water.




This 3-hour course takes you from zero to hero! Two students, one efoil each, one instructor.

Basic movements and safety are explained and practised in the classroom so you are fully prepared for flight once you get on the water. Expect a speedy learning curve, it should see you on an extended period of flight very quickly. In one lesson everyone foils and many will easily stand and carve turns on the foil as well!

We have full changing room facilities with toilets and hot showers for afterwards. We provide wetsuits, boots, impact vests and helmet. Feel free to bring your own kit if you have it.

Be warned, the feeling of foiling is incomparable and is very addictive. This is the on-ramp for all forms of foiling.

Gift Vouchers available.




Aimed at those who have competed a first flight course. We equip students with the knowledge needed to ride solo in more challenging locations. We also help with more advanced moves and progressing onto more advanced equipment. With lots of time on the water we can assess what combination of board and foil sizes are best suited. We can then handle the purchase process making sure you have all the tools to maximise your potential on these amazing machines!


Foilride are really excited to be working with Pro kitesurfing, adding eFoiling to their menu of activities. PKS is a well known, well respected and thoroughly professional kite school with a location that is second to none. Working with PKS allows our reach and the reach of Lift eFoils to stretch fully across the north shore of Wales, giving even more direct access to those from Chester, Liverpool and Manchester. eFoiling offers PKS clients an awesome light wind option as well as the absolute simplest way to experience foiling. Whether just having a go, looking to purchase or gain a massive step up towards wing, kite and prone foiling we’re delighted to have PKS get more people foiling.


  • Pro kitesurfing school opening times are from 8.00am until late

  • If booking online, please allow at least 72 hours in advance to be assured your desired date and time. If you book a session sooner, we may need to reschedule around existing bookings. A member of staff will be in touch if this is necessary.

  • If you have pre-paid and booked a session that needs to be rearranged (due to adverse conditions, for example), we will aim to rearrange the session on a date convenient for you.

  • If a gift voucher has been bought, the voucher is valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. A gift voucher can not be refunded for its monetary value, and is only available for use within the Pro kitesurfing school and clubhouse.

  • No insurance is provided by Pro kitesurfing school to cover the equipment whilst it is hired. We ask clients to treat the equipment with respect and adhere to the guidance of PKS staff. If a small amount of damage occurs whilst in use on the water, there will be no charge, but if an item of kit needs to be repaired as a result of damage that occurs whilst it is the responsibility of the client, the cost of the repair needs to be covered by the client. By renting equipment from the centre, and signing our Risk Statement, the client agrees to these terms.

  • We reserve the right to assess the ability of each client before allowing them to use our equipment. If we deem their understanding is sub-standard, we are entitled to deny them use of our equipment.

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