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Kite Sports


What is Kiteboarding & Kitesurfing?

What is Kitesurfing?

Kite surfing - Also known as kite Boarding. Skimming across the waves and flying through the air, synchronizing with natures elements and providing a splash of colour at the beaches all over the world!
Onlookers watch this exciting water sport in awe as the huge kite propels its pilot across the water and high into the sky spinning them around before gently landing them and preparing them for their next move.
Kite surfing is a water sport​ that harnesses the power of the wind in a specially designed kite and uses this to propel the kite surfer across the sea on a board known as a kite board. To me this sport is very easy to explain "freedom on your feet and the sense of escapism". ​Go on give it a go we know you won't regret it trying our kite surfing lessons.



What will I learn in Kite surfing lessons?​​​​​​​​​​​​

All beginner kite surfing lessons and courses start on the beach. All the steps we take you through on the land are replicated later in the water. One thing we can guarantee is in your kite surfing lesson an amazing time with us learning how to master kitesurfing which really is a brilliant sport.
Kitesurfing Area assessment, kiteboarding wind awareness, kite set up, kitesurfing equipment knowledge, kite & kitesurfing Safety, launching and landing your kite with an assistant, basic kite flying control skills, developing and losing kite power, moving with the kite, kitesurfing weather knowledge, emergency kitesurfing situations, control the kite with one hand, first kite board start, packing your kitesurfing equipment away.


Learning kite surfing in an IKO Center assures safe and fast learning using quality kite surfing tested methods that maneuver you safely off the beach and into the water! Our IKO center has specific liability insurance coverage for kite surfing activities. Your level of development will be certified with the IKO Member Card that you can take on your kite surfing holidays with you and this will enable you to rent kite surfing equipment and show your skills to everyone.


The IKO Member Card certifies your skill level and verifies your kite surfing progression as you continue to train and develop with us. Our IKO Instructors will sign off on each level you achieve from Discovery Level 1 until you reach the Independent Level 3 after your kite surfing lessons are completed with us. We will also provide you with our Pro Kite surfing lessons, Level of achievement certificate.

This way, any future schools, instructors and shops know how competent a Kite flyer you are. Some kite centre’s require that you present your IKO Member Card to be able to rent equipment, which is a great way to promote your kite surfing abilities safety. You must carry this IKO card with you when ever you kite surf, this way you are never be left searching for it in a sporting emergency!


Already have kiting experience and need an IKO Member Card?


If you have HAD Kite surfing lessons already and you are in need of a IKO card we will be happy for one of our IKO instructors to verify your level then certify you according to IKO Standards. 


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